Strategic Alignment

Don't plan... align! Rather than the typical strategic planning process, strategic alignment ties your organization’s mission and strategic initiatives to operational actions and financial planning so you can achieve even your loftiest aspirations. We begin the process by establishing Critical Result Areas (CRA) that define an organization’s long-term strategic outlook and work down to operational actions.

The business world of today is one of inclusion, one of networks - not hierarchies. So why is strategy such an exclusive process? We believe that a diversified panel of participants align their organizational strategy more efficiently and effectively than the standard top-down approach. Our approach places an emphasis on multi-level collaboration, open communication, and the impact of culture on organizational strategy.

Bryce has been working with USGBC-MN this year in a strategic planning effort to define key focus areas for our organization along with implementation and budget strategies. Throughout this process, Bryce has been able to see the big picture of what USGBC is trying to accomplish, hear the vision of a varied group of board members and to bring all of this information back into targeted and actionable ideas. He has shown his skill in facilitating a group of leaders to come to consensus in a smooth and efficient process. He has the knowledge and talent to tie the strategic vision of an organization to realistic action plans that also include financial success.
— Sheri Brezinka, USGBC MN